Wednesday, 28 November 2012

F.Y.I (Favorite Youtube Icons) On Stage in KL 2012 ft. Victor Kim, JR Aquino & Andrew Garcia

Have you ever amazed by those awesome cover you saw on Youtube? Ever try to comment on your favourite youtube icon’s video clip hoping that they will respond? Ever imagine if those guys come out from you tinny little laptop screen, standing right in front on you, in person, where you can actually talk to them, listen to their singing, where you can poke them & say: hey, you guys are real, in flash, cool~ XD Sounds awesome right?! Well just the other night ACER had actually made it an once-in-a-lifetime dream came true experience for YTF (Youtube Fans) Malaysia by bringing 3 of the amazing F.Y.I (Favorite Youtube Icons) JR Aquino the funny and distinctive, Victor Kim the cool and handsome & Andrew Garcia the playful and cute Live on Stage in Kuala Lumpur. A marvellous night where true beauty of music flow within the air.

Thanx to Nuffnang for the Tics :)
The show hosted by Fly FM DJ Hafiz started with dance performance by young Malaysia dance crew Katoon Network & subsequently songs from Malaysia Music Band Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Name BOB. Followed by appearance of FYI in different combination, generating a variety of chemistry with graceful sparks radiating across the hall, melodious, joyful, unique & to each its own. :D

venue: chancellor hall MSU
excited! getting ready to enter d hall :)
Stage before show start.
Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Name BOB.
~starting: Esty Richards + JR Aquino & Andrew Garcia >> Andrew solo >> Victor Kim solo >> Victor + Danny >> Ted Chan >> Ted + JR Aquino >> JR solo >> JR & Andrew + Danny~ *clap & cheers, loud & clear*

Esty Richards + JR Aquino & Andrew Garcia

JR, Andrew & Danny

Danny violin solo~
Andrew Garcia solo.
It was an amazing showcase as all three of them had actually choose to put on an acoustic-style performance, Andrew & JR with a taylor guitar played by them self, Victor with an ukulele, that’s all, single instrument with nothing more, which turn out to be a demonstration of perfect vocal capabilities. Surprisingly they are equally great, hard to tell which is better. b^__^d    

Victor & Danny
One of my favourite moment, the special appearance of Malaysia Chinese singer Tedd Chan (曾國琿) with his latest hit song 留给这世上我最爱的人 + duet of Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are with JR Aquino.
Tedd Chan曾國琿留给这世上我最爱的人~
JR Aquino solo :)
Q & A session where YTF are given time to interacted with their favourite Youtube Icons, even though we just met but we talk like old friends, laughter and joy spread throughout the way. 

JR having his fried rice while Q&A XD 
*Big Hug with fans*
fans gone crazy seeing their Favourite Youtube Icons
By the time this entry  was posted, as I’m still drenched in those euphonious music and hilarious moments of FYI on stage in KL, these great people had already on their way to Singapore for their next performance. Well I guess all good things come to an end, all I would like to say is that Victor, Andrew & JR, you guys are awesome & I really hope to see you guys back in Malaysia soon. Until then, cheers to F.Y.I.!!     

JR Aquino jio-ing ppl for photograph before leave. :)
The End. 
ps: Some live clips from the show:

JR Aquino 

Victor Kim
some of my favourite F.Y.I clips:

Victor Kim Someone Like You cover

Andrew Garcia &Katie Stevens- Skyscraper cover

JR Aquino I won't Give up cover

Rating: 8.9/10~