Tuesday, 27 November 2012


For starter this is not an entry for public as it sounds kinda narcissistic and I might be many other things, funny, cheerful, playful, desultory, complicate etc..but narcissism is just way out of the list~ XD

This is an entry with one and only ONE solo purpose, to strike for Mynn Lee's “GO FORTH MOMENT”contest. So if you're interested in knowing a little bit more about me and some of my... erm...proud moments of my life (feel kinda shy to say so..lol..XD), you're more than welcome to proceed, otherwise you can brows through some other interesting entries of my blog here---> Fun, Delicious, Cool, Awesome.. :D

So ladies and gentlemen, proudly present by Duncan, those proud moments of my life~*clap clap*

Being born in a family of scholars, there's no doubt that academic achievements fill up a huge portion of the proud moments of my life. So lets kick start the time machine shall we.. 

Yeah!! proudest moment in life!!!
Back in 1999, 7As in UPSR, 1st ever record breaker in SJK(C) Nam Hua; 2002, 8As in PMR; 2004, record continue with 9As in SPM; 2006, 3As in STPM; 2012 Graduated with 1st class honours in Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Sciences), being one of the only two male among my course to be awarded with Zizi Pharmix Award of Best Student in Pharmacology; 2010-present postgraduate entitle PhD in Pharmacology & Toxicology @ Universiti Putra Malaysia..The proudest moment of my life never stop throughout my academic career starting 10 years back & it will not stop as I shall keep walking, to a better tomorrow~ 
Officially Graduated!!This is just the beginning :) 
Simultaneously I have indulge into the world of blogger. Blogging under nuffnang is fun, enjoying those awesome moments attending all sorts of cool and delightful events, just to live life to the max, infusing some extra energy to boost up my ongoing quest to the pinnacle of academic field.   

They are many who says that as human we could only do so much, well for me there's always room for improvement, try harder, work smarter and soon you'll find yourself standing at a point which most people could only imagine..To be a better person, for a better tomorrow, that's what giving me the urge to go forth and achieve more~  :D