Sunday, 20 January 2013

Nuffnang Skytrex Adventure @Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam

Deep within the urbanized Shah Alam lies a sanctuary of mother nature, a forest reserve which located right beside the populated city of Shah Alam, a place where refreshing air and greenery scenes are at abundance.

If you’re looking for a “back to nature getaway”, Bukit Cahaya Sri Alam Agricultural Park (a.k.a. National Botanical Garden Shah Alam) is just the perfectly fun and healthy spot where you can settle back & relax in the arms of nature. Being the world's first agro-forestry park, This, 1258ha site offers some of the most remarkable tropical vegetation, birds and animals, interesting nature trails (parks & gardens, four season house)  and lots more, which you can explore by either cycling, shuttle bus or jogging if you’re confident with your stamina.. :P

And if you’re a man of excitement, here’s something you don’t wanna miss——Skytrex Extreme Challenge Outdoor AdventureCircuit, a circuit located within the agricultural park which promise nothing but excitement and adrenalin rush, an opportunity to test your agility, will power, bravery & determination. :)

With 34 challenges of medium to hard difficulty (flying fox, tarzan swing, dragon bones etc.), on tree platforms up to 22 metres high, Skytrex offers challenges in 3 packages consisting Little Adventure, Big Thrill & Extreme Challenge which suitable for all age groups from children to adults.

 Little adventure for the littles.. ^^
To kick start the year of 2013 with excitement 30 Nuffnangers were invited to the Skytrex Adventure to experience the awe-inspiring Big Thrill & Extreme Adventure few days back. Claiming as a man of hardcore I took the extreme challenge without any hesitation and it wasn't long before I understand the fact that “Extreme” is sort of an understatement. XD

So here’s how the story goes…

Arrival @ Skydeck, saying hallo & light refreshment prior challenge :)
Aloha~ ;)
Omelet sandwich + coffee.
Skytrex park & challenges briefing by Managing Director Azlan & Technical Director Julien

Registry where consent form need to be sign, take the challenge and fall at your own risk.. XD  

Gear up and getting ready to go..

Kind & healpful instructor ready to assist :)
Equipment briefing by nice & funny instructor Siva, pay attention on this one as it's a matter of life and death! ^^ 

Perfectly safe, see -___________-
3 m flying fox as our warm-up exercise.

warming up~
Up up & up~~One direction, UP~~~~~ XD

Platform 1

So finally the highest platform is at sight, guess what——It’s time to fly, flying fox coming right up b^_^d

Sit back, let go & relax~ XD
Always remember to attach yourself accordingly, safety first.

Flying into the woods, yeah b^^d

How it feels like standing on a tiny platform 22 meters height..Awesome ^^

Looking down..hey the ground is missing XD
 Challenges in the woods..Shaky path, play safe, baby steps..

That's how Daniel react when he sees the monkey bars, I think he likes it.. XD 

Daniel: what is this man?!!
 Darren & Sherlyn  in action, moving like a pro ^^

Yes! almost there!
After 1hr+ of exhausting climbing, flying fox seems so comforting...

glad to see you :)
Final task, tarzan swing! Tarzan O ei yoo~~~

swinging to the end~~
After spending 2 hours climbing, flying and swing, it feels so good to be on the ground again! :)

 Yeah, mission accomplished, we're awesome!~~~ XD

Group photo from Anne XD
 Proudly present the certification of completion. Mission accomplished!^__^

 SKYTREX Adventure. Where The Fun in the Forest Never Ends!^^