Wednesday, 14 May 2014

GUINNESS® Bold Truck: A Toast to those who are Made of More

It’s 7 pm at the office and you’re still not ready to go home as there’s still a long way to go before you could call it a day, you get yourself a cup of coffee & with a long sigh another overtime marathon begins.. Working overtime, some said it’s a good thing as you’re putting in more effort in work which is a sign of hardworking & commitment. With that being said, the big question of “Overtime = hardworking or hardly working?” is still a much debatable topic. One thing for sure is that long hours of OT day in and day out just isn’t how life should be..

What are you made of? Made a bold move to leave work on time & reward yourself with a pint of GUINNESS®
Life rewards the Bold ;)

Nothing could be more gratifying than leaving work on time & reward yourself with a pleasing pint of the world’s most iconic black brew, GUINNESS®, serving up icy cold right outside your work place, and to make it even better--- the pint is on the house! Sounds too good to be true? Well that’s exactly what the GUINNESS® ‘Made of More’ campaign is all about. ^^

“The idea came from an insight that Malaysians typically do not leave work on time and tend to work late most days. GUINNESS® is a brand that inspires people to make bold choices, and this campaign is a reaffirmation of that principle. The decision to leave work on time is just one example of a bold move that our consumers make, and it shows that they are truly men and women who are ‘Made of More’,” said Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad.

GUINNESS® #MadeofMore Truck @Malones, Sooka Sentral.

Cruising across the city starting from May, last Friday the #MadeofMore truck was in place outside Malones @Sooka Sentral, which opened up at 17:59 - GUINNESS® time to reveal the bar hidden inside, while beautiful GUINNESS® brand ambassadors serving up pleasurable pint of iconic black brew to those bold ones who were Made of More and leaving work on time. ^^

GUINNESS® #MadeofMore Truck, opening at 17:59 - GUINNESS® time ^^
Ice cold GUINNESS® ready to be served.
Rewarding time! A pint of icy cold iconic black brew for those bold ones who left work on time ;)

And here's the best way to spend a Friday night- Leave work early, grab some nice food + a pint of GUINNESS® iconic black brew~ ^^
leave work on time & join us for a toast for great life~ ^^ 
noms @ GUINNESS® #MadeofMore celebration :)
GUINNESS® believes life rewards the bold! #MadeofMore :) 

Fancy for a pint of your own? Well good news as the GUINNESS® Made of More Truck will be travelling to several other locations around the Klang Valley to reward bold and deserving GUINNESS® consumers. Be bold, leave work on time and be rewarded. Having said that, before leaving work on time, do ensure that work is completed and it wouldn’t hurt to ask your bosses and colleagues along. The #MadeofMore Truck will be @ The Scott Garden, Old Klang Road on 16th of May (Friday, 17:59 onwards, 6PM – 7PM). For more information, log on to >Guinness® Malaysia FB here< or

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