Monday, 26 May 2014

Heineken 3rd Consecutive Gold @Putra Brand Awards #post Putra Brand Awards Celebration Party‏

Heineken MY turned The Apartment Restaurant & Bar, e@Curve into a nicely set up party space as fans & media of the iconic beer gathered to celebrate the 3rd consecutive Gold at Putra Brand Awards 2014!

Some of you might have noticed that this was quite some time ago but hey, it really ain’t that long okay, besides It’s never too late to congratulate, so fans of Heineken lets put our hands together for a huge CONGRATULATION to Heineken MY  in winning the 3rd consecutive GOLD at Putra Brand Awards 2014! *ClapClapClap ClapClapClap ClapClapClap* & hat's off for another great win in the Beverage-Alcoholic category at the consumer-driven Putra Brand Awards 2014 b^^d

Heineken3rd consecutive Gold at Putra Brand Awards 2014! Congratulation!! ^^ 
Heineken post Putra Brand Awards Celebration Party‏ at The Apartment Restaurant & Bar, e@Curve.
featuring at the celebration party, DJs Hulkas and Xu dropping some entertaining beats as we party the night away ;)
generous flow of Heineken in exclusive club bottle throughout the night , love the edgy design ^^
& to make the night even better, delightful noms in the house! gosh these things are superb especially when you have an icy cold Heineken in hand :P 
sinful noms once in a while feels AWESOME :P That was 12 am by d way   
lastly, a close-up of the trophy, Heineken: Gold @ Putra Brand Awards 2014 (Beverage-Alcoholic category), congratulation! cheers~ b^^d

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